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Teaching and Learning about Climate Change

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Mixed Messages How Climate Change Is Taught in America's Public Schools.pdf


"Face It Head On": Connecticut Makes Climate Change Studies Compulsory. The Guardian


Many States Omit Climate Education. These Teachers Are Trying to Slip It In. The New York Times


The New World : Envisioning Life After Climate Change. The New York Times


Teach Climate Justice CampaignZinn Education Project


Climate Change: Are We Ready? 9-part series on teaching about climate change. The Hechinger Report


Getting Climate Studies Into Schools. The New York Times


Questions to Help You Start Taking Action. K12 Climate Action


Subverting Climate Science in the Classroom. Scientific America


As Climate Change Threats Grow, Textbooks Aren’t Keeping Up, Study Says. The Washington Post


U of M Center Helps K–12 Educators Teach Climate Change, One Story at a Time. Minnesota Women's Press


Fairness in UK Climate Advocacy: A Users' GuideClimate Outreach


Climate Change Education. Alliance for Sustainable Communities


All We Can Save: Teaching resources


The Essential Principles of Climate Literacy. NOAA


Art Sussman: Systems Thinking


You & CO2: Using interactive Narrative for Teaching About Climate Change


Teach Climate.Net: Let's Talk About Climate: Interdisciplinary Teaching Ideas for All Subjects & Grade Levels


Unleashing the Creativity of Teachers and Students to Combat Climate Change: An Opportunity for Global Leadership. Brookings Institute


Video: Russell Mayo: Teaching English Teachers in the Anthropocene


Teach Climate Justice Campaign. Zinn Education Project


Racial Justice Is Climate Justice. David Suzuki Foundation


Grassroots 2021: Katharine Hayhoe on Starting a Climate Change Dialogue


We Need to “See the Whole Board” to Stop Climate Change. GlobalEcoGuy Project Drawdown


Making the Grade? How State Public School Science Standards Address Climate Change. Texas Freedom Network


Climate Curricula Hit US Schools. Sierra Club


Sustainability Summit Resources for teaching about climate change. Institute on the Environment, University of Minnesota


Making the Grade? How State Public School Science Standards Address Climate Change. NSSE


Transgressive Learning about Climate Change


Making the Grade? How State Science Standards Differ in Addressing Climate Change. NASE


Our Climate Our Future: Webinar on teaching about climate change. Alliance for Climate Education (ACE)


Patricia Emerson:  A Wide World of Resources Promoting Climate Literacy


Climate Change FAQs. The Nature Conservatory


Where Did the Climate Come From?' and Other Kids' Questions about Climate Change. Yale Climate Connections


Simon Sinek Says We Got Global Warming Wrong. Climate Conscious


New Jersey Is the First State to Add Climate Change to its K-12 Education Standards. CNN


Playbook on Climate Action. The Nature Conservatory


A Crash Course on Climate Change, 50 Years After the First Earth DayThe New York Times


Climate Change and Environmental Justice: Resources and activities


Video Webinar: Sarah Ray: Author of A Field Guide to Climate Anxiety


With More Students Demanding Action on Climate Change, Teachers Try to Keep Up. The Hechinger Report


Climate Change’s Challenge for Education. eCampus News


Achieving Climate Stability and Environmental Sustainability: PK-12 Education as Part of the Solution for Bending the Curve. University of California/California State University 


Video: Study Shows Climate Change Education Helps Reduce Carbon Emissions. CBS Bay Area


Humanities Content for Your Classroom. Climate Change Education


Landtalk: Students interview older people about their perceptions of changes in the environment. Stanford University


Is Education Standing Up to the Task of Climate Action? Brookings


The Green New Deal and Our Schools. Rethinking Schools


The Best Sites to Learn about Climate Change. Larry Ferlazzo Blog


How to Have a Useful Conversation About Climate Change in 11 Steps. Medium


Americans Support Teaching About Global Warming. Climate Change Communication


Most Teachers Don't Teach Climate Change; 4 in 5 Parents Wish They Did. Minnesota Public Radio


Recommended books for teaching about climate change


Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change. An historical perspective. The New York Times


Italy to Make Climate Change Study Compulsory in Schools. Voice of America


Dry Facts, Debate, Despair: How Not to Teach Climate Change. Education Week


Position Statement on Climate Change Education in the Humanities. Climate Generation


Lysgaard, J. A., Stefan Bengtsson, S., & Laugesen, M. H-L. (2019). Dark pedagogy: Introduction: Living in dark times(introductory chapter). Springer 


Why Science Needs the Humanities to Solve Climate Change. The Conversation


Yes, It’s Worth Arguing with Science Deniers: And Here Are Some Techniques You Can Use. Nieman Journalism Lab

How Should Climate Change Be Taught in Schools Across America? 


Teaching Global Warming in a Charged Political Climate. The Washington Post


Controversy in the Classroom: Strategies for Managing Climate Change Discourse. CLEAN


Eight Ways to Teach Climate Change in Almost Any Classroom. NPR


Clime Time project in Washington state: Activities from teachers 


Storytelling is Key to Understanding Climate Change. Yale Climate Communication


3 Tips From the Expects: How To Talk About the Climate Crisis Effectively.  Climate Reality


UN: CC: Integrating Climate Change in Education at Primary and Secondary Level: Interactive Version


Why Should Schools Teach Climate Education? Medium


Our Climate, Our Future: Lots of videos on teaching about climate change


The Changing Language Of Climate Change. Dictionary.com


Richard Beach. Teaching Climate Change in English Language Arts. Literacy & NCTE 


Richard Beach and Allen Webb. Why Address Climate Change in the English Language Arts Classroom. Literacy & NCTE


Climate Kids' Big Questions Teaches Students About Climate Change


How to Have a Useful Conversation About Climate Change in 11 Steps. Medium


The New Language of Climate Change: Formulating talk to convince the doubters. Politico


How to Talk to Kids about Climate Change. Medium


Minnesota Proposes Teaching Climate Change as Human-Caused. Minnesota Public Radio


Teachers Back New MN Climate Education Standards, But Topic's Still HotMinnesota Public Radio


The Teacher-Friendly Guide to Teaching About Climate Change


"It Captures Their Imagination": Teaching Sustainability Through the Arts. The Guardian


How Can We Help Put a Human Face on Climate Change? EcoWatch


The Problem With the Climate Movement? Too Much Science “Data rarely convinces people of anything. Stories convince people to act.” Nexus Media


More Climate Change Stories, Fewer Graphs And Maps


Bill McKibben and Bill Bigelow. Changing Our Climate in Schools


Teachers Dig In To Teach Climate Change. Yale Climate Connections


Climate Variability and Climate Change: 13 videos of lectures. OER Commons


Climate Literacy: Resources on teaching about climate change. NOAA


Stephen Siperstein: Teaching Global Warming in the English Classroom. Yale Climate Connections


Environmental Humanities and Climate Change: Understanding Humans Geologically and Other Life Forms Ethically. Wiley Online Library.


Teaching Climate Change in the Humanities. Routledge Press.


Teaching Climate Change in the Humanities: Interviews with the co-editors. University of Oregon: Around the O


Finding Hope in a Climate of Uncertainty: Reflections on Climate Change Education and Action with Children. Humanature.


How To Teach Kids About Climate Change Where Most Parents Are Skeptics. The Washington Post


Audio Recording: Session at NCTE Convention on English teachers addressing climate change


Presenters slides for the NCTE Convention session on English teachers addressing climate change


NOAA Climate Stewards Education Project. NOAA


Teaching Climate Science in the Age of Trump. Huffington Post


Educators On A Hot Topic: Global Warming 101. National Public Radio


#Teach4Climate Back to School Campaign 2016. NOAA


Fostering Systems Thinking In Your Students. InTeGrate seminar presentation


The Benefits of Environmental Education for K-12 Students. NAAEE: Research report on the value of environmental education


Pinterest links to climate change


Lessons From Six Climate Reality Leaders. Climate Reality Project


Climate Change Skeptic Group Seeks to Influence 200,000 Teachers. Frontline


How to Talk about Climate Change and the Ocean. FrameWorks Institute


Greenfile: Access information about climate change


Talking With Kids About Climate Change. Yale Climate Connections


Incorporated TV series on SyFy Channel


Teaching Middle Schoolers Climate Change Without Terrifying Them. NPREd


InTeGrate Webinar: The Importance of Diversity and Equity in Supporting the Whole Student


Video: MADE CLEAR: Pre-service Teacher Professional Development: A Model for Climate Change


Aaron Doering, University of Minnesota, makes trips around the world to study climate change effects


EthicalELA: Conversations on ethics of teaching ELA


Dear Tomorrow: Letters to the Future: Adults send letters and videos to the children and grandchildren about future climate change effects


The Benefits of Environmental Education for K-12 Students. North American Association of Environmental Education


2016 CLMOOC: MOOC on climate change


Imagining the Anthropocene. The Anthropocene Curriculum


Stretching Science: Why Emotional Intelligence is Key to Tackling Climate Change. The Conversation


Loss for Words: Art, Language and the Challenges of Living on a Changing Planet. University of California


Nation’s Largest Teachers Union Endorses Teaching “Climate Justice." Zinn Education Project


Abandoning Doubt & Denial, [Portland] School District Officially Embraces Climate Literacy. Common Dreams


Audio: Science Friday Live Online Discussion: Bringing Climate Science Into the Classroom


Here's What Canadian Kids Are Learning about Climate Change. National Observer


Resolution for Portland Schools to implement climate change instruction.docx


Center for Green Schools National Action Plan for Educating for Sustainability 


To Build A Sustainable World, Academics Need To Tear Down The Ivory Tower. Ensia


We Can’t Solve Climate Change Without Teaching It: Why More Classes Are Heading Outside. PRI International


CAMEL: Climate Change Education


Environmental Education Digs Deep: Descriptions of projects in different schools


Waters Foundation: Systems Thinking in Schools


NASA. (2013). Our mission to planet earth: Understanding earth systems science. Curriculum guide for K-4th grades


Gale Group. (2015). For professors, teaching about climate change involves several fronts. Educators Reference Complete


Climate Change Schools Project: Resources for teachers


Science Teachers' Grasp of Climate Change Found Lacking. The New York Times


The English Connection: Articles and reviews on teaching about climate change in English


Climate change educator: School classrooms must catch up with science


CLEAN: Climate Literacy Education Alliance Network


Climate Justice in BC: Lessons for Intersections with Social Justice


Confronting Global Warming book series (for grades 10-12). Greenhaven Press


Why Science Teachers Are Struggling with Climate Change. National Public Radio


College Classes Use Arts to Brace for Climate Change. The New York Times 


The Changing Earth: Curriculum on climate change: Learning Technology Lab, University of Minnesota


Beckie Alexander: Video on why she teaches about climate change in her science classes


Climate Choices: How Should We Meet the Challenges of a Warming Planet? National Issues Forums Institute and Kettering Foundation


Human Impact on Climate Change: Opportunities & Challenges. Interactivity Foundation Discussion Guide


From Dialogue to Action: Climate Dialogues and Climate Action Labs


The Use of Public Engagement in Tackling Climate Change


Involving Youth in Your Agency’s Sustainability Activities. Institute for Local Government










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