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Documentaries about Climate Change

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Best Climate Change Documentaries


Ten Best Documentaries about Climate Change


Films For Action: Climate Change


Video: Defining Us: Children At the Crossroad of Change


Russell Mayo: Environmental Documentaries (extensive list)


Hard-hitting Video Explains the Origins of Climate Change "Polarization". Yale Climate Connections


Highlights From a Virtual Eco Film Festival. Yale Climate Connections


30 Documentaries on Climate Change. Films For Action


The Year's Project


Seven of the Best New Documentaries about Global Warming. Yale Climate Connections


The Territory. National Geographic


Breaking Boundaries: The Science Of Our Planet. Netflix


I Am Greta


Bring Your Own Brigade


The Trees Remember


Al Gore: An Inconvenient Sequel


8 Eye-Opening Environmental Documentaries to Stream on Netflix. Brit + Co. 


Review of An Inconvenient SequelThe New York Times


The Ever Inconvenient Gore. Yale Climate Connections


Life in Color with David Attenborough


Great Green Wall


Kiss the Ground


Necessity: Oil, Water, and Climate Resistance




Racing Extinction


Hostile Planet: Television series produced by National Geographic


Paris to Pittsburgh. National Geographic


Year of Living Dangerously 


Thin Ice


The Island President


Biggest Little Farm trailer


10 Films About Climate Change To See This Fall In New England

Before the Flood
: Features 
Leonardo DiCaprio. National Geographic


Watch Before the Flood for free. EcoWatch


Form to complete for free school screening of Before the Flood


Leonardo DiCaprio's Climate Change Documentary a "Rousing Call to Action." EcoWatch


6 Documentaries That Will Shut Down Any Climate-Change Denier. PopSugar News


Download the Truth in 10 Slideshow related to An Inconvenient Sequel


Mission Blue


Human Flow: The effects of climate change on refugees




Chasing Coral


Chasing IceNational Geographic photographer James Balog uses time-lapse photography to document the melting glaciers


Planet Earth IIBBC Television series


Changing Earth: Crossing the Arctic. PBS Documentary


Climate Change and Your Community. PBS programs with lesson plans


Sundance: An Inconvenient Sequel Debuts to Rapturous Response. Variety


The Future of Energy: Lateral Power to the People. Green Planet Films


Racing Extinction: About the destruction of species throughout the world




The Age of Consequences: The effects of climate change on national security


Antarctica: Ice and Sky (download from iTunes)


From the Ashes: Critique of the coal industry


Molly Vasich PP: Documentaries about Hurricane Katrina


7 Key Scenes in Leonardo DiCaprio's Climate Film "Before the Flood." EcoWatch


Come Hell or High Water: The Battle for Turkey Creek


Merchants of Doubt: Documentary on media production of false claims on climate change


The Doubt Machine: Inside The Koch Brothers' War on Climate Science​. Real News Network


The Killing of the Colorado. Discovery Channel


Earth: The Operators Manual


Do the Math. 350.org


Fossil Free. 350.org


Costa Rica's Last Green Mile




Occupy the Farm


Mission Arctic: Four kids go the Arctic to study the effects of climate change


Cross of the Moment


Ice & Sky: Documentary on the Arctic and climate change


Ice & Sky: Education: The History of Climate Change


Bikes vs Cars: Documentary on the value of bikes


Bikes vs Cars: The Best Reason to Ride a Bike. Yes Magazine


Climate Refugees


Climate of Doubt: PBS Frontline Documentary


The Price of Carbon: An Introduction to Carbon Pricing. Climate Reality


Fuel: Documentary on fossil fuels


Richard Oppenlander: Comfortably Unaware: Food Choice and Sustainability


Meat the Truth: Focuses on impact of meat consumption on climate change


Cowspiracy: Examines meat consumption and climate change


Time To Choose: Documentary about positive ways to address climate change


The Slideshow that Saved the Earth: The Making of An Inconvenient Truth


Documentary: How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change


Not Without Us: Documentary about activists at the Paris climate change meeting

This Changes Everything
: Documentary based on Naomi Klein's book


This Changes Everything Study Guide: Resources for using the documentary


Ten Years On: How Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth Made Its Mark


Facing Climate Change: Documentaries on climate change effects


Glacier Change


At the Fork: Documentary about meat production on farms and agribusinesses


Gaining Ground: Documentary on food production and agriculture


The Great Global Warming Swindle: Climate change denial documentary


The Age of Stupid


The Future of Energy 


Time to Choose


Review of Time to ChooseThe New York Times


Occupied: Netflix show about oil


How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change: Documentary portrays how people in 12 countries are fostering change


Years of Living Dangerously


Fort McMoney documentary film/game


Fort McMoney iOS App





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