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Videos about Climate Change

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Our Climate, Our Future: Lots of videos on teaching about climate change


Films That Make a Difference


Example of greenwashing video by Shell Oil: Nature-based Solutions and Shell


"Vanishing Ice" Make Beautiful Bid for Action on Climate Change. KQED Radio.


Lifting a Curse: The exploitation of natural resources in Sierra Leone  


Video: Allan Savory: How To Green The World's Deserts And Reverse Climate Change


Video: Elke Weber: Advantages of Local Climate Change Forecasts and Feedback, With a Couple of Caveats


Video: The Preparedness Path to Engagement for the Long Haul


DearTomorrow: Share writings about climate change


Inconvenient Youth Instagram site: Focus on climate change


Weather To Climate: Our Changing World. Exhibit at Peggy Notebaert Science Museum


Margaret Atwood: It's Not Climate Change, It's Everything Change: Images of the effects of climate change 


Video: Al Gore TED Talk: The Case for Optimism on Climate Change. Climate Reality Project 


Photographer Focuses on Climate Change Solutions, Not ProblemsYale Climate Connection


Adventurers Document High Arctic Trek to Teach About Climate Change. CBC News


Art Works for Change: Art exhibits focused on climate change


Video: MADE CLEAR: Pre-service Teacher Professional Development: A Model for Climate Change  


Video: Kim Stanley Robinson: Valuing the Earth and Future Generations: Imagining a Post-Capitalism World  


Climate Interaction: Create simulations for negotiating climate change policy 


Video: The World Climate Simulation: Participants negotiate a world climate agreement 


Worldviews: Scientists creating images and videos related to climate


Public Lab Blog


ENSIA Magazine


Video: Vicky Arroyo: Let’s Prepare for Our New Climate. TED Talk 


Yes! Magazine: Examples of making change 


Video: Contemplative Environmentalism: Religion and Resilience in the Face of Climate Change


Cape Farewell: Culture and climate change


Our Climate Our Future: Videos on climate change


Video: The Carbon Cycle: How oceans absorb CO2. NOAA


Climate change videos on YouTube


Films for Action: videos


Environment America Videos


Intersectional Environmentalist: videos


Using Systems Thinking to Understand Climate Change


System Change Not Climate Change: videos


Climate Solutions 101: Six videos on teaching about change. Project Drawdown 


A Climate-change-inspired Video Road-trip Across the U.S. Yale Climate Connections


Video: "Climate Change Is Not a Subjective Thing.’" How Does the U.S. Approach to the Environment Look From Abroad? The New York Times


Portraits of Change: Videos about fishing


The Trees Remember

I Am Greta


An Urgent Message for Humanity--From a Worker Bee. Media Center for Nonviolence


Project Drawdown: Video: Climate Solutions 101


Video: Gina McCarthy Talks About the Intersectionality of Climate Change


Hard-hitting Video Explains the Origins of Climate Change "Polarization". Yale Climate Connections


Climate Speaks: Youth create video presentations


American Climate: 21 videos on Americans coping with climate change


Virtual Seminar: Our Climate, Our Future. Alliance for Climate Education


12 Videos To Help Us Understand Climate Change


Teaching Global History and Climate Change


Critical Issues Alternative Views: Discussion with Allen Webb on the need to address climate change


Critical Issues Alternative Views: Discussion of climate change and politics


Videos of young people engage in the Global Climate Strike, October, 2019


Greta Thunberg's YouTube video on climate change


Responses to videos on climate change using Vialogues. EdLab


Video: 35 years of climate change in 125 seconds. World Economic Forum


A Green New Deal


The Adaptation Principles: 6 Ways to Build Resilience to Climate Change


NASA Explorers S3 Bonus Episode: A Year in Fire: Fires in 2019


Conversations with the Earth: Videos of the effects of climate change on indigenous peoples


Naomi Klein: A Message From the Future With Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


The Human Element


Lens on Climate Change: Colorado program for students to create videos about climate change


Global Meltdown: Series of videos


Save Yellowstone. Citizens Climate


Climate Change Education.org: YouTube Videos


Happening: A Clean Energy Film and Curriculum


Video: Fires in the Amazon forest linked to political corruption


Years of Living Dangerously: Season 1


Visual Narratives about Environmental Justice


Video: The Great American Lawn: How the Dream was Manufactured. The New York Times


Video: Low Carbon Indonesia: How Indonesia survives on natural resources


YouTube: Climate Science Demonstration Videos


Four Scientists Make Creativity a Key to Communicating Their Research: Cartoons and Imaginative Use of Video, Art, and Graphics. Yale Climate Connections

Video: Harnessing the Power of the Earth: Use of composting to restore soil quality


War on our Future: Economic Inequality: How pollution created by the wealthy impacts the poor


Greta Thundberg: School Strike for Climate: Save the World by Changing the Rules. TED Talk


Sustainability Education Summit, University of Minnesota, February, 2019: Presentations on fostering sustainability


Video: Alaska coastline losing 30 footballs fields a year due to climate change. The Washington Post


Changing Earth: Crossing the Arctic


A Song for Our Warming Planet. Ensia


Phase Change 2016: Videos of an art work based on melting ice blocks


Raising the Bar …the Oyster Bar! Engaging Students with NOAA’s Three Dimensional Learning Sequence 


Why Humans Are So Bad at Thinking About Climate Change


Science for a Hungry World: Agriculture and Climate Change


King Tides Show Us How Climate Change Will Threaten Coastal Cities. Wired


Prominent Scientist Michael E. Mann Rebukes Climate Change Denialism at Case Western Reserve University Conference (Video)


Video: Relationships between CO2 increases and temperature increases


How Global Warming Works: Five videos


Video Series Inspires Kids To Act On Climate. Citizens Climate Lobby


Video about The Snow Guardian film about a man who kept climate change records


Wind and Solar Key in 21st Century Energy Economy. Yale Climate Connections


Water Sustainability video production project, University of Minnesota


The 97% Consensus on Climate Change. Yale Climate Connections


YouTube Channel: Global Climate Change Think & Act Tank


YouTube Channel: MinuteEarth


Why One Father Sees Parents as a Force for Climate Change. Yale Climate Communications


Animated Map of What Earth Would Look Like If All the Ice Melted. Business Insider


Inside the Greenhouse: Short student videos, University of Colorado, Boulder


What the World Would Look Like If All of the Ice Melts. World Economic Forum


Bill Nye: What If All of the Ice on Earth Melts


Planet Earth II: BBC Television series


Environmental Education Research Seminars: YouTube videos


These Are The Best Places To Live In America in 2100 AD. Popular Science


How Global Warming Works: Five videos of different lengths explaining global warming


Sasha Petrenko: Lessons From the Forest


Recording of presentations: Climate and Health Meeting, Atlanta, 2017.


Climate Change and Your Community. PBS videos with lesson plans


Cities As Classrooms. NAAEE.


David Sassoon, Inside Climate News: Analysis of the use of "fake news" related to portrayal of climate change


Seth Meyers Hosts Climate Scientist To Rebut The “Ignorance” Of Donald Trump And Ted Cruz. Media Matters


Peter Sinclair: This Is Not Cool: How climate models forecast climate change

The Climate Cost Project: Students submit videos on the effects of climate change


Marriane Krasny: Climate Change Education, from the book Urban Education Review


Katherine Hayhoe: Why Facts Are Not Enough. Yale Climate Connections


Katherine Hayhoe: What You Can Do About Global Warming


Climate Change and Your Community. PBS


With Enough Evidence Skepticism Will Thaw: Video portrayals of Greenland ice melt. The Washington Post


Vizualizing the Invisible Drivers of Climate Change. The New York Times


Eight Great TED Talks to Teach Students about Climate Change


Before the Floor. National Geographic


Videos: Connecting Nature, Identity, and Nature. Center for Humans and Nature


Wildfires Out West on Vimeo


Description of people engaged in the World Climate role-play activity


Arctic Sea Ice 2016. Yale Climate Connections


Global Weirding with Katharine Hayhoe


What the Renewable-Energy Economy Looks Like. The Atlantic


Art.350.org: Videos


Climate Smart and Climate Ready: Keynote presentation

Video simulations related to extreme weather events. 


NOAA: Climate Stewarts Education: Too Hot to Handle: Climate Change Education


An Introduction to Carbon Pricing. Climate Reality Project


Cheong Koon Hean: How We Design and Build a Smart City and Nation


Teenage Scientist Captures Arctic Ice Melt on Film


Energy Bill: Horror film spoof on high house energy use


The Doubt Machine: Inside The Koch Brothers' War on Climate Science​. Real News Network


Here's What Could Happen to Earth Over the Next 500 Years. TechInsider


Ten Clear Signs Our Climate Is Changing. Climate Reality


Obama on the "Terrifying" Threat of Climate Change. The New York Times


Patrick Henry High School, Minneapolis, students' video about the need for a green economy


Another related video by Patrick Henry High School students about a green economy


YouTube playlist: Climate Change Shorts


How Fear of Nuclear Power is Hurting the Environment. TED Talk video


Worldviews: Scientists creating images and videos related to climate


Geological Society of America: Teaching With Videos


Ending the Silence on Climate ChangeBill Moyers and Company


Comfortably Unaware: What We Chose To Eat is Killing Us


NASA Climate Change: Videos


Typhoon Haiyan: Yeb Sano's emotional plea at COP19


Repository of 2,500 videos on climate change


Repository of 3,000 audio recordings on climate change


Watch the Arctic Oldest Sea Ice Disappear Over the Last 25 Years. Climate Reality


Video: Suncatcher: The Road to a Solar Powered Global Transport Network. The Guardian


Video: How The Keystone Fight Was Won


Climate Change Video Directed by James Cameron Heats Up the DNC. Inhabitat


Noam Chomsky: Climate Change & Nuclear Proliferation Pose the Worst Threat Ever Faced by Humans. Democracy Now


A History of Earth's Climate


The Dirt of Agriculture: The impact of agriculture on climate change


Video Series: Peak Oil and a Changing Climate. The Nation


Video: Noam Chomsky on Climate Change


Video: How World Cities Will Look With Rising Oceans. TreeHugger


Film4Climate: Videos submitted as part of a contest for best videos on climate change


Climate 101 With Bill Nye. Climate Reality Project


6 Inspiring TED Talks to Spark Climate Change Solutions. Daily Planet


HowGlobalWarmingWorks: Videos on climate change


Youth and Climate: Hurricane Sandy in New York City


Climate of Doubt: PBS Frontline Documentary


Videos: Sustainability Pioneers: Short documentaries on climate change the transition to clean energy


Video: Paul McCartney, Sean Paul, Natasha Bedingfield & others: Love Song to the Earth


Lyrics: Love Song to the Earth


Climate Change 101: The Situation


Songs: Our Place in Nature: Song related to climate change


Video: Lens on Climate Change: Project in which students create videos about climate change


Video: TED Talk: What If Climate Change is Real?


Video: PBS Frontline: Climate of Doubt


Video: Guy McPherson: Climate Change Now Irreversible. YouTube 


Videos: NBC Learn: Changing Planet


Video: changes in carbon dioxide for the past 800,000 years  


Video: Use of solar roadways to create energy


Video: PBS: Earth as a System: Portrays changes in the earth due to climate change


Video: Dirty Business: “Clean Coal” and the Battle for Our Energy Future


Video: On Coal River


Video: Naomi Klein: Let them Drown: The Violence of Othering in a Warming WorldVimeo


Video: Who Owns Antarctic?: Issues of ownership of a natural preserve


Video: Racing Extinction


Sustainable Development Solutions Network: Videos


Video: Discovery Channel: Global Warming, What You Need To Know, with Tom Brokaw

How Leonardo DiCaprio Became One of the World's Top Climate Change Champions. 
The Guardian


Video: Planet Earth 100 Million Years In The Future: What will happen to our world? World Geographic Channel


Video: Arctic Stories: Videos about the effects of climate change on the Arctic


Funny or Die Video: Climate Change Deniers Anthem






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