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Creating Videos about Climate Change

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The Climate Cost Project: Students submit videos on the effects of climate change


Listen. Can You Hear Global Warming?


Climate Activists Are Turning Their Attention to Hollywood. The Atlantic


Filmmaking Is a Powerful Way for Students to Demonstrate Learning. Edutopia

Lens on Climate Change: Colorado program for students to create videos about climate change


Young Voices for the Planet


How Students can Use Storytelling to Bring the Dangers of Climate Change to Life. The Conversation: video about sea rise in the UK


Cherry, L. (2021). The power of positive role models: Youth climate activism in films. Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences, 11, 212–216.


Douglas, D., Garcia, E., & Grueser, M. (2020). Connecting youth, eco-media and resilience in Appalachia. Journal of Sustainability Education, 23


Goodman, S. (2020). Teaching for environmental justice at the Educational Video Center. Journal of Sustainability Education, 23.


Gold, A. U., Oonk, D. J., Smith, L., Boykoff, M. T., Osnes, B. & Sullivan, S. B. (2015). Lens on climate change: Making climate meaningful through student-produced videos. Journal of Geography, 114(6), 235-246, DOI: 10.1080/00221341.2015.1013974


Leckey, E. H., Littrell, M. K., Okochi, C., González-Bascó, I., Gold, A., & Rosales-Collins, S. (2021) Exploring local environmental change through filmmaking: The Lentes en Cambio Climático program. The Journal of Environmental Education, 52(4), 207-222,


Shun, W., Lam, E., Chang, A. A., Rosario-Ramos, E. M., Smirnov, N., Easterday, M. W., & Doppelt, J. C. (2021). Multimodal voicing and scale-making in a youth-produced video documentary on immigration. Research in the Teaching of English 55(4), 340-367.


The Climate Cost Project: Students submit videos on the effects of climate change


This Changes Everything Study Guide: Resources for using the documentary


HowGlobalWarmingWorks: Videos on climate change


Video: TED-ED: Phenology and Nature's Shifting Rhythms


Student videos from different states on how they are addressing climate change. Alliance for Climate Education 


Video about Public Lab: Building a Model for Public Participation in Environmental Decision-Making Processes. Harvard Berkman Center


Patrick Henry High School, Minneapolis, students' video about the need for a green economy


Young Voices for the Planet: Video series about young people addressing climate change


Video: Russell Mayo: Teaching English Teachers in the Anthropocene


Young Voices for the Planet 53 Videos


Team Marine, Santa Monica High School


iMatter Youth 34 videos, many about Minnesota youth


Young People's Trust for the Environment


Climate Change Education 16 videos




Alliance for Climate Education Creator Collection








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