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Examples of Youth Engagement in Addressing Climate Change

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Youth Think Website: Alliance for Climate Education


Youth Environmental Networks: Climate Generation


Youth Vs Apocalypse


Movement Generation Media


From Tomato Soup to Fossil Fuel Divestment—Why the Youth Climate Movement is Evolving. Climate News


Inconvenient Youth. Instagra


Two Climate Activists, 40 Years Apart in Age, on the Movement’s Future. The New York Times


Can a Middle School Class Help Scientists Create a Cooler Place to Play? National Public Radio


Kirby, L. (2021). Old enough to save the planet. Abrams Books


How Students can Use Storytelling to Bring the Dangers of Climate Change to Life. The Conversation: video about sea rise in the UK


Video: Defining Us: Children At the Crossroad of Change


Thrifting is One Way to Empower Young People About the Climate. Sustainability Times


Share, J., & Beach, R. (2022). Critical media literacy analysis and production for systems thinking about climate changeJournal of Media Literacy


Climate Change and Youth Mental HealthSee Change


Climate Lit: Resources on teaching cli-fi literature


The Legal Strategy Young People are Leveraging to Address the Climate Crisis. National Public Radio  


The Youth Advisory Group on Climate Change. The United Nations


Youth in Action. The United Nations


Who is Willing to Participate in Non-violent Civil Disobedience for the Climate? Yale Program on Climate Change


Australian Youth Climate Change Coalition


Teach the Future


Pickering, G. J., Schoen, K., Botts, M., Fazio, X. (2020). Exploration of youth knowledge and perceptions of individual-level climate mitigation action. Environmental Research Letters, 15, 104080


Zummo, Z., Gargroetzi, R., & Garcia, A. (2020) Youth voice on climate change: Using factor analysis to understand the intersection of science,

politics, and emotion. Environmental Education Research, 26(8), 1207-1226.


Pereira, T. & Freire, T. (2021) Positive youth development in the context of climate change: a systematic review. Frontiers in Psychology, 12:786119.


"We Don't Have Forever": Teen Activists Push Cook County to Declare Climate Emergency. Minneapolis StarTribune


Student Climate Activists from Yale, Stanford, Princeton, MIT and Vanderbilt File Legal Complaints to Compel Divestments


Climate Action Leadership Program Helps Teens Channel Concern into Action


Global Warming Age Gap: Younger Americans Most Worried. Gallup Poll


Virtual Seminar: Our Climate, Our Future. Alliance for Climate Education


Climate Speaks: Youth create video presentations


Climate Lit: University of MInnesota


Childen's Climate Risk Index, UNISEF


Earth Corps, Jefferson High School, Bloomington, MN


Jenkins, H., Shresthova, S., Gamber-Thompson, L., Kligler-Vilenchik, N., & Zimmerman, A. (2016). By any media necessary: The new youth activism. New York: New York University Press.

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Liverman, D. (2014). How to teach about climate without making your students feel hopeless. The Washington Post


Panos, A., & Damico, J. (2016). Coming to know about sacrifice zones and eco-activism: Teaching and learning about climate change. Ubiquity: The Journal of Literature, Literacy, and the Arts, 3(1).


Hurrelmann, K., & Albrecht, E. (2021). Gen Z: Between climate crisis and coronavirus pandemic. Routledge 


Young Activists Aren’t Waiting For Anyone. Yes! Magazine


Young Voices for the Planet


Why Youth Wrote a Minnesota Law for Climate Justice Education


Teenage Activists Post Signs to Warn of Toxic Air in London Neighborhoods. EcoWatch


Youth Climate Leaders: Organization supporting youth working on climate change


How a Young Activist Is Helping Pope Francis Battle Climate Change. The NewYorker


The Teenagers at the End of the World. The New York Times Magazine


Zero Hour


Youth Activists Demand Damages for Climate Victims at Virtual "Mock Cop26." Climate News Central


"What Can I do To Help the Climate?" and Other Questions Kids Are Asking about Climate Change. Yale Climate Connections


Where Did the Climate Come From?' and Other Kids' Questions about Climate Change. Yale Climate Connections


Stories from the Youth Climate Movement in the Global South. Yes! Magazine

Writers on Earth
: Young people writing essays and poems about climate change


Minnesota Teens Make their Pitch for Action on Climate Change. Climate Generation


In Montana, Children File Suit to Protect "The Last Best Place." Inside Climate News


A Federal Court Threw Out A High Profile Climate Lawsuit. Here's What It Might Mean For The Future of Climate Litigation. Time Magazine


How Youth Have Changed the Climate Movement. Yes! Magazine


Youth Perceptions of Climate Change: A Narrative Synthesis. WIRE Climate Change


The Environmental Burden of Generation Z. The Washington Post Magazine


EarthDNA: Project to support students speaking out about climate change


Climate Change Top Concern for British Teenagers


The Best Resources on Teens Demanding an Effective Response to Climate Change. Larry Ferlazzo Blog


For Student Strikers in the UK, This Is a Climate Election. Vice


Global Climate Strike: September 20-27, 2019


Videos of young people engage in the Global Climate Strike, October, 2019


Global Student Climate Strikes Fridays September 20 and 27. Daily Kos


Global Climate Strike 2019 Graphics. JustSeeds


Statements by Student Supporters of the Schools for Climate Action, Sonoma, California


Youth Climate Intervenors


High School Students do Research in Greenland. Yale Climate Connections


Youth Climate Strike: Youth protest marches


Kids Against Climate Change


Social Business, Youth and Technology to Accelerate Climate Action to 1.5°C. Medium

Teaching Climate Science & Action : The 4–7 Year-old Version. 


What’s Next for the Youth Climate Lawsuit. Yes! Magazine


Kids Around the World Are Suing Governments and It's Working. Quartz


Varshini Prakash of the Sunrise Movement on Climate Justice, the Green New Deal, and Revolution. The Nation


Young People Won't Accept Inaction on Climate Change, and They'll be Voting in Droves. The Conversation


Students Want to Act on Climate Change, But Some School Boards Say It’s "Too Political." ThinkProgress


As Students Clamor for More on Climate Change, Portland Heeds the CallThe New York Times


Minnesota Introduces Bold New Climate Change Bill Crafted by Teens. Earther


How Climate Change is Shaking up Plans for This Year's High School Graduates. Yale Climate Connections


Fresh wave of youth climate action protests expected across Britain. The Guardian


What 16 Young People Think About the Green New Deal. The Nation


5 Youth-Led Climate Justice Groups Helping to Save the Environment. Teen Vogue


"We Do Want a Future": Students Worldwide Demand Climate Action. Minneapolis StarTribune 


The Best Resources on Teens Demanding an Effective Response to Climate Change. Larry Ferlazzo


Sunrise: Youth movement backing the Green New Deal


A Huge Climate Change Movement Led By Teenage Girls Is Sweeping Europe. And It’s Coming To The US Next. BuzzFeed


Teenagers Emerge as a Force in Climate Protests Across Europe. The New York Times


Young People are About to Utterly Transform Climate Politics. Medium


The Optimistic Activists for a Green New Deal: Inside the Youth-Led Singing Sunrise Movement. The NewYorker


iMatter: Minnesota organization of youth address climate change


Boosted by a Walz, Teens Press New Governor of Minnesota on Climate Change. Minnesota Public Radio


Young Activists Offer Their Climate Demands at Cop24: “We're Fighting. Where Are You?” Pacific Standard


Minnesota Youths Lead the Charge Against Climate Change. Minneapolis Star Tribune


The 1.5 Generation: My Generation Is Radically Remaking Climate Activism. Will It Be Enough? Grist


The Teenagers Fighting for Climate Justice. The NewYorker


Young People Are Suing the Trump Administration Over Climate Change. She’s Their Lawyer. The New York Times


Supreme Court Lets Youths' Case Demanding Climate Action Proceed. The New York Times


The Fifteen-Year-Old Climate Activist Who Is Demanding a New Kind of Politics. The NewYorker


Climate Change Puts the Future at Risk, So I'm Taking Action: March on Washington, DC, July, 2018. TeenVogue


Our Children's Trust's lawsuit against the federal government for failing to address climate change


Kids Against Climate Change


Youth Voices Live: Students writing about climate change


Youth in the Streets and in the Courts. Podcast: Commonwealth Club Climate One


Young Voices for the Planet


This California Teen Studies Climate Data after School. Yale Climate Connections


"It's Going To Be Bad:" Maine Young People Petition For Action On Climate Change. Maine Public Radio


North Carolinians Unite for Climate Justice. Alliance for Climate Education


Frontiers for Young Minds: Science Edited For Kids By Kids


Teenagers Are Cleaning Up the Air in Seattle. Yale Climate Connections


Video Series Inspires Kids To Act On Climate. Citizens Climate Lobby


Landmark U.S. Federal Climate Lawsuit: Out Children's Trust


Students, Cities and States Take the Climate Fight to Court. The New York Times


Kids Are Suing Alaska's Government for Not Addressing Climate Change. Earther


These Middle-school Students are Taking Action on Climate Change. Yale Climate Connections


Former NASA Scientist, James Hansen, Releases New Paper Supporting Youth Climate Case Against Trump. Think Progress


Kids Against Climate Change: Resources for elementary students


We Power Forward: Alliance for Climate Education


South Miami Approves Solar Roof Rules, Inspired by a Teenager. Inside Climate News


Syndey Sauer, high school junior: Why Aren’t Politicians Doing More on Climate Change? Maybe Because They’re So Old. Vox


Student Involvement in Affiliate Organizations. North American Association for Environmental Education


Kids Against Climate Change: Student-created website


Teen Activist Blocks Incinerator in Polluted Neighborhood. Yale Climate Connections


The Wild Center: Youth Climate Program (Thrive)


Young People’s Climate-change Lawsuit Takes on Trump. San Francisco Chronicle


Trump Administration Takes a "Drastic" Step to Stop Youth Climate Lawsuit. Yahoo News


Fossil Fuel Groups Want Out of Children’s Climate Change Lawsuit. Inside Climate News


This Climate Lawsuit could Change Everything: No Wonder the Trump Administration Doesn’t Want It Going to Trial. The Washington Post


The Teen-Agers Suing Over Climate Change. The New Yorker


Children's Climate Lawsuit Aims to Unearth Documents From Oil Group API. Inside Climate News


American Youth Make Fossil Fuel Industry Confront Climate Science in Federal Court. EcoWatch


Saving the Planet for Future Generations: Young people suing the government. CNN News


Judge Rules School Children can Pursue Climate Change Lawsuit against Washington State. The Independent


Kids Get Day in Court, Accuse State for Failing to Take Climate Action. EcoWatch


Positive Youth Development: Projects involving youth addressing climate change


Youth Visioning for Island Living


KQED: Do Know Quest: Climate


Teenage Scientist Captures Arctic Ice Melt on Film


Involving Youth in Your Agency’s Sustainability Activities. Institute for Local Government


Here's What Canadian Kids Are Learning about Climate Change. National Observer 


Fossil Fuel Divestment Network: Students fostering change in college fossil fuel investments


The Power of Global Action Projects: One Student's Journey: Student from Kenya creates a water purifier device


Abandoning Doubt & Denial, School District Officially Embraces Climate Literacy: Portland school board endorsement. Common Dreams


Resolution for Portland Schools to implement climate change instruction.docx


Judge Denies Motions by Fossil Fuel Industry and Federal Government in Landmark Climate Change Case. Our Children's Trust


Fostering Youth Leadership in Urban Places. Green Teacher


16-Year-Old Activist Demands US Government End Fossil Fuel Use by 2026. Inhabitat


iMatterNow: Project for young people to organize to push for action on climate change


St. Louis Park Students Push City Council to Take Action for Greener City. Minneapolis StarTribune


Young People Address Climate Change in Creative Ways. Friends of the Earth


Our Children's Trust: Organization taking legal action on behalf of children


Sparking Student Civic Engagement in Online Spaces. KQED Education


The Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere


Youth Climate Change Conference Advocates for Economic Diversity. CBC News


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